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ITV Pushing Daisies

April 2008

Motomedia produced and installed a streetlevelBillboardTM complete with custom built interactive animation to promote upcoming ITV show Pushing Daisies.

Viewers are invited to touch the show's star, Anna Friel who plays Chuck, and upon doing so, she comes to life, the daisies behind her bloom and a trailer for the show appears.

The animation features a multitude of sound effects and has nearly 2000 individual frames run in sequence to complete the effect.

With a huge 4x2 metre projection screen, sound, Bluetooth, audience data capture, through-glass interaction and scent emitters, this is the first display of its kind to feature this range of technologies.

Pushing Daisies starts Saturday 12th April on ITV1

Motomedia would like to thank Neil, Bill and Joe at the Arc in Glasgow for their input and advice.