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With thousands of empty retail units available throughout the UK, Motomedia takes those in prime locations and transforms the shop windows into innovative and powerful advertising and marketing tools in the very center of the consumer domain. Welcome to StreetlevelBillboardsTM.

The windows of a vacant retail unit can be used as an advertising forum, with branded vinyl applied to the window, rear projection of video onto specialist screens that are visible in daylight, and audio driver technology turning the window into a speaker. This creates outstanding audio-visual theatre in any retail location and, coupled with Bluetooth, represents a particularly powerful method of raising awareness and delivering a message.

motomedia advertising services


  1. High performance printed vinyl for large-format images and branding. Superb print quality. Existing shop sign replaced.
  2. Cutting edge 'through-glass' sound drivers delivering outstanding audio.
  3. Daylight video projection screens delivering super-bright, crystal clear digital video images. The screens handle the projection equally well in daylight as in darkness. Projection content can be used in conjunction with audio content pushed through the sound drivers.
  4. Server software allowing real time changes to video and sound with playlist scheduling across many screens and locations using an easy web-based interface.
  5. Synchronised Bluetooth downloads.
  6. Intelligence data capture records viewing times and viewer demographic including age and gender.

[see the technology page for further information and a schematic.]

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Motomedia puts large-scale campaigns within reach of all companies, not just those with a national advertising budget. Advertisers can choose high-profile locations local to their business.

Motomedia provides high quality design services to match the quality of the advertising sites it uses, and will guide clients on the best deployment of campaigns on these sites.

The specialist printable vinyls that are used for these campaigns have a long life span. It is possible to reuse the vinyl for future campaigns.

Motomedia generates income for landlords, acting agents and local authorites by providing advertisers a unique opportunity to advertise in high profile locations on a short term basis.

» create theatre where before were only vacant retail shop windows.
» generate income for landlords, acting agents and local authorities.
» affordable large-scale advertising
» localised advertising.
» high quality design services.
» income for landlords, acting agents and local authorities.