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motomedia shopping center advertising, streetlevel TV.


Shopping centres offer a fantastic advertising opportunity. With shopping centres full of browsing shoppers already primed to buy, and as a point of purchase of most brands and products, streetlevelTVTM offers a powerful medium to influence their spend.

When in a shopping centre environment, shoppers will stop to look at something that catches their attention, whether this is an advert or a music video for an up and coming act.

In partnership with the shopping centre owners we are able to provide accurate demographic and footfall data; the weekly average footfall of a shopping centre in the UK is in excess of 250,000.

'StreetlevelTVTM give's you an opportunity to use existing TV advertising with sound, interaction and audience data capture in an OOH basis'
kenny maclean, managing director, motomedia


StreetlevelTVTM delivers much more than standard outdoor advertising.

Using large format screens and advanced audio technology we can bring a huge variety of content like exisiting high quality TV ads, infomercials and live news and weather, all with sound, to compliment a marketing campaign.

StreetlevelTVTM sends out Bluetooth content to mobiles and uses audience data capture techniques to measure effectiveness. It is designed to engage the consumer, it is at streetlevel, it is customer facing, measurable and is located in shopping havens.

StreetlevelTVTM is more than a sequence of adverts - it is designed to engage the consumer by showing short films, community messages, infomercials, music videos and clips of unsigned bands and adverts for local events in conjunction with advertising.

Intelligence hardware and software is included as standard. This gathers information on viewing times and viewer demographic and uploads reports to the internet. All playlists are scheduled remotely using advanced real-time server software.

'We project adverts with sound, and also things like short films, video footage music and animated content. The aim is to make streetlevelTV much more than an advertising medium. Charities can advertise for free.'
ronan mcmacken, creative director, motomedia