Is planning permission required to use shop windows for advertising?

No, the only requirement is the annual fee paid to the local authority for an advertising permit which is a requirement for all poster sites. This fee is included in the costs.

Is the vinyl re useable?


Can Motomedia carry out advertising design work?

Yes, we design to the highest standards. We can provide you with the one stop service you are looking for.

When using advancedadvertising will we be responsible for the lease of the empty unit?

No, Motomedia will manage the short-term lease on behalf of the client during the marketing campaign.


Motomedia does not remove the importance of leasing an empty unit, the lease is stll held by the existing landlord, but generates an additional revenue and creates 'theatre' at the retail location.

Could you please advise what is the minimum term that you would need to make any lease viable.

Advertising is a dynamic business with short timelines. It is anticipated that business will book locations as and when they come available to meet short term campaigns. Minimium term is 2 weeks; on average it takes 6 months to let an empty retail unit.

Are the only shop frontages suitable those with glass unprotected by external rollers shutters?

No, all units could be considered. It is dependant on the risk rating, insurance provision and what the existing landlord objectives are with the vacant unit. If the location of the unit can attract a premium from potential advertisers this may outweigh their security fears.

Would Motomedia, in effect, take the head lease and thereafter sub-let to the advertising companies on a rollover basis.

No, at this early stage the proposition is based on the lease still being made available to any potential client who wishes to trade from that location. There could be a double benefit from this approach as prospective clients can see actual revenue potential from the units location if their core business experiences difficulty, and landlords have two forms of revenue potential from their investment. In the longer term there could be a business case at the head lease being sought, if demand highlights the need to hold that unit purely for advertising purposes.