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Motomedia deploy a range of impressive technologies to create advanced advertising solutions and futuristic interactive information displays and fully enhance the StreetlevelBillboardsTM concept.

'The scene above is a simulation of an empty shop unit near London's carnaby Street that we made to illustrate our love of music and to show the possibilities with our StreetlevelBillboardsTM concept. The idea is that the animation tracks motion of those moving past it, or has a motion sensitive trigger somewhere that people can activate. It then plays and cycles accordingly.'
ronan mcmacken, creative director, motomedia

An interactive billboard of this nature is ideal for indoor displays along with streetlevel window displays.

interactive design


Motomedia can supply projection equipment suitable for most environments and locations. For example 'daylight projection' screens offer superb image reproduction in daylight conditions. Specialist display units can be created and these, combined with projection and motion sensing, become impressive and futuristic information points. Projected content is seen to almost float independently in space.

motomedia advertising services


Touch screen interactivity allows the user to navigate projected content by touching the projection surface.

Motion sensing - cameras and advanced software give the user the ability to move and navigate animated projected content using hand movement. Think of the scenes in Minority Report when Tom Cruise uses hand movement to scan through video clips - this can be created in the present.

A further use is seen in the Flash movie on this page - an advertisment display that animates and plays sound as viewers walk past.


Motomedia can design custom animated content for use in conjunction with projection and interactive technologies. This content is similar in nature to website content and can be tailored to meet the design and interactivity requirements for a particular project; the possibilities are infinitely exciting.