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The Might Boosh for BBC3

November 2007

"You're making me sick, coming in here, doing your funny little rehearsals, playing your instruments, writing songs - it's not about that, being in a band! It's about what you look like! Don't you understand anything?"
© Vince Noir, The Mighty Boosh, BBC3.

BBC3 used a Motomedia streetlevelBillboardTM to promote the launch of the third series of hit (some might say cult) show The Mighty Boosh. We found a location for the advert in London's trendy Brick Lane which hit the ideal demographic for the BBC3 show.

The results are particularly impresive. We used two video screens around cartoon-like 'Boosh' graphics and fitted the site with sound and powerful Bluetooth servers.

If you're on Brick Lane any time soon get yourself along to check it out!

The new series of the Mighty Boosh is on BBC3 now