investment opportunity

a powerful new medium
The only way to describe the impact of Motomedia within the outdoor sector of the advertising industry is sensational. The feedback and interest from some of the biggest brands in the world has been overwhelming. Diagio, Ebay and EMI to name a few have recognised that Motomedia's approach to digital advertising is something new, something powerful, and something they should know about.

a simple idea
Empty commercial real estate is a global phenomenon, and shop windows have long been recognised as powerful marketing tools. Fused with the latest digital technology there is no other media that can bring such flexibility and depth in delivering a client's message.

minority report?
Our vision is to offer a science fiction customer experience for our clients. This vision can be delivered in the present.

first mover advantage with second mover strategy
Motomedia needs first mover investors to grow our network. We have a strategy in place to develop this business by exploiting our advantage, leaving no room for second movers. We have already secured a country-wide roll-out in Germany.

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